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Zverev receives a maximum fine of 35,000 euros for misconduct

Alexander Zverev has been fined $40,000, converted more than 35,000 euros, for his misconduct at the Acapulco tennis tournament. The 24-year-old German had already been disqualified from the tournament in Mexico.

According to the ATP, the tennis player’s advocate, it is the maximum penalty for such misconduct. He received half of the amount for ‘verbal abuse’, the other half was imposed on him for ‘unsportsmanlike behavior’. Zverev also has to give up his prize money, more than 28,000 euros, earned in Mexico and he does not receive any points for the world ranking at the tournament.

The number 3 in the world misbehaved earlier this week after a lost match in doubles. After the final run, he hit the umpire’s chair several times with his racket, while aggressively addressing the umpire.


After the incident, Zverev apologized for his actions. “It’s hard to put into words how much I regret my behavior,” he said in a statement. “I have apologized to the umpire because my behavior towards him was wrong and unacceptable. I am only disappointed in myself. This should not have happened, there are no apologies. I also apologize to my fans, the tournament, and the sport which I love.”

According to the ATP, Zverev’s behavior is under further investigation.



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