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Another Valencia starts on the verge of collapse

The season begins with a derby against Levante, without signing and between protests from the fans against Peter Lim. Gracia has summoned eight homegrown players. The granolas have retained Campaña. Aitor and Bardhi and Paco López only have doubts upfront

A year and a pandemic have been enough so that not a single Valencian player remains who does not tremble at the start of the season. It starts with a derby against Levante, a rival that grows at the same time as Valencia’s cracks caused by Peter Lim’s hammering management.

With the end of the chaotic 19/20 season, the feeling of instability increased. The sale of Coquelín, Captain Parejo’s ‘gift’ to Villarreal, the sales of Ferran, and Rodrigo seemed to be symptoms of the project’s death throes.

Valencianism took to the streets against Lim and against President Anil Murthy. A rebellion that was joined by former players such as Kempes, Cañizares, or Ayala and the peñas, who called for the resignation of the president and have been expelled from their premises. Even the Valencian institutions have called the club to chapter for forgetting to finish the new stadium. Nobody trusts Lim’s word anymore.

For a month and a half, Javi Gracia has tried to put together a team with Gayà, Paulista, and Soler as banners and a group of promising homegrown players who are still green. Insufficient for historic Valencia and the Navarrese trusted her ‘bosses’ to see her.

But Valencia emerged from the ashes of the Cup is dwarfed, it resorts to promissory notes from a financier to pay the payrolls to its soccer players and has no intention of going to the market except to sell more. Without Europe, without fertilizers, and with the fear of another suspension due to COVID, the priority has been to lower costs and the portfolio has been closed.

The coach has already realized that perhaps late. Those promised parts have not arrived. Not even for those who were negotiating a loan, such as Capoue, Watford midfielder. Nothing has been paid attention to. ” I am skeptical about whether we will be able to bring in players who raise the bar,” he admitted in his second public appearance. Earlier he had told her privately and Anil Murthy did not like it. Nor that the coach recognized that, despite the youth policy that the club boasts, the homegrown players are not yet a solvent reinforcement. They take notes in Singapore.

Gracia’s demands revived Marcelino’s dismissal, but they will give the Navarrese a truce … if he wins games. It will have to start tonight. Among the 23 summoned there are eight boys with hardly any experience in the First Division, from the goal to the front. He will not be able to count Cillessen, Gameiro, Jason, and Lato due to injury and among the five changes, a debut could be seen.

In this context, the Levante dreams of giving the first blow to Mestalla in their history. Their situation is quite different. With better economic health, they are remodeling the Ciutat de València (he will play at home in La Nucía until October) or will begin the works of a new sports city with a loan of 60 million granted by the Edmond Group, belonging to the Rothschild bank.

Its stability has allowed it to close the COVID season with solvency, even achieving the second-best score in the League in its 111-year history. Their first step is to stay, but now they do want to look a little higher.

They have managed to retain the three most coveted pieces of their team, Aitor, Campaña, and Bardhi, and the only problem they have is upfront. After the end of Borja Mayoral’s loan and Roger’s injury in the preseason, Sergio León now has that task.

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