Princess Leonor

“Will Princess Leonor be the savior of the monarchy?”: The collaborators of ‘The summer program’ analyze it

The scandal of King Juan Carlos I has overshadowed the image of the Royal House. The departure of the emeritus king from the country and the secrecy about his whereabouts has not helped the opinion that citizens may have about the monarchy.

Several media outlets point to the Princess Leonor like a breath of fresh air for the monarchy. A woman would bring a different air to the institution and could turn the situation caused by her grandfather after the information published in recent weeks.

The collaborators of The Summer Program have commented on this possibility and the role that the Princess of Asturias must fulfill as the future heir to the crown. All have come to the conclusion that it is a task that falls to the current king of Spain, his father.

The presenter Patricia Pardo stressed that Leonor is only a girl and added that “it is strong that a girl has to assume this responsibility …” . Her colleagues have supported the line of the host of the program and have agreed that the image of the monarchy will not undergo a generational leap, without going through Felipe VI.

The 14-year-old heiress has already been seen playing a small role in enhancing the image of the crown. During the state funeral in tribute to the victims of Covid-19, Leonor corrected her father by reminding him to put on the mask, this image went around the globe and became a curious anecdote.

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