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Who are you going to vote for? Do the StemWijzer for the municipality of Noordwijk.

Municipal elections will be held on March 16. Not everyone knows exactly what issues are going on in the municipality and what the positions of the political parties are on this. That is why the municipality of Noordwijk has had a StemWijzer developed that can be found on from 18 February at 2 p.m. these subjects? And what do the political parties think?

Which parties do you have the most agreements with

? Do the StemWijzer and you will find out! StemWijzer The StemWijzer, which was developed by ProDemos, contains approximately 30 statements. You can answer these with ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘neither’. The StemWijzer then compares with which parties you have the most similarities. The political parties in Noordwijk have themselves provided explanations of their positions in the StemWijzer. This makes it easy to see what they think about a particular subject in the StemWijzer. You can also easily compare the lots.

If in your result the difference between the highest-scoring political parties is 5% or less, there is the possibility to do a ‘shoot-out’: you will then be given another 3 or 5 statements to answer. This allows you to make additional comparisons between two parties. When several parties are in close proximity, you can do the shoot-out with multiple combinations of parties. Podemos The StemWijzer has been tailor-made by ProDemos for the municipality of Noordwijk.

Podemos is the ‘House for democracy and the rule of law’. Podemos explains the rules of the game of democracy and the rule of law and shows what you can do yourself to exert influence – in the municipality, the water board, the province, the country, and Europe.



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