How to know who is spying on you on WhatsApp and how to avoid it

There are infinite techniques for third parties to access the content of your WhatsApp. Here we tell you what they are and how to avoid it.

The most used messaging application in Spain is WhatsApp, in the application the conversations, photos and social life of months and years are stored. As a trunk of a part of our private life, privacy is quite important and aware of them, in each update of the application it is reinforcing its security .

Currently, chats are end-to-end encrypted and each user can configure the data that they show to other users such as profile photo, status or last connection time. Just access Settings (by pressing the three dots in the upper right area), Account and Privacy .

These simple steps are enough to prevent the boss from knowing why you drag dark circles all week seeing your last connection time to WhatsApp at 3 in the morning but not to avoid prying eyes, that is, they will not be enough to avoid espionage .

The basic tool to discover gossips is the option of the WhatsApp States . By posting one, the list of people who have seen them will appear. If a number appears that is not on the agenda, it means that this person has their mobile on their agenda and is a good candidate for gossip.


If you want to avoid the closest gossip you can configure limited access to the messaging application to turn it into a stronghold. One of the safest options is access through the fingerprint. From Settings (by pressing the three dots in the upper right area), we select Account, Privacy and activate Fingerprint Lock.

Through two-step verification, each time you want to access the application from a new terminal, you will have to enter a six-digit PIN code. To activate it, from Settings press Account and activate Verification in two steps

In addition, after activating this option, WhatsApp allows you to add an email address, send a link to deactivate the verification in two steps if you forget the PIN.


Your mobile may have the option to display messages on the lock screen enabled, so they will not have to unlock the terminal to see the most recent messages or those you have just received.

To disable this option in Android, go to Apps and Notifications, Notifications, Lock screen, Do not show notifications or from WhatsApp in Settings, Notifications and disable Notifications in high priority. In case of having an iPhone, access WhatsApp, Settings, Notifications , where you can disable the visual warnings of the messages.


One of the easiest ways for the undesirable curious to see WhatsApp chats is through the access of backups that are stored in clouds like Drive. If any message with a verification code appears without you requesting it, ignore it and continue reading to find out what more steps to take.


Leaving the web version of the application open is a newbie error that can occur on other computers, in the library, university or in the office.

To avoid that the partner knows all the goings-on in your personal life (from all those times that your partner asked you to give your bread to the confessions to an ex after several drinks at Christmas dinner), always remember to log out. It can also be done from the mobile itself, pressing the three points in the upper right area, WhastApp Web and Close all sessions.

In addition, from that menu you can see all the active starts of the application , that is, on how many sites you have a WhatsApp session open, since when, the computer’s operating system and the icon of the browser used.


There are tools, some disguised as parental controls, that can be used to gossip someone else’s mobile. This is a crime. If you are victims of it, apart from being a reportable fact, you can watch some signs to confirm the suspicions.

First of all, reviewing the applications installed on the mobile phone, if there are any suspicious ones, it is enough to search for information about it on the Internet (it will not be a necessary application for the operating system to function) and uninstall it if so.

Another way to confirm suspicions is through a WhatsApp report . Accessing Settings, Account and Request Info of my account, the application will send a report in which it will appear if you are using any external software to spy on the account.

Another somewhat drastic but less aggressive effective option than throwing the phone in the trash or hitting it with a hammer is to reset the phone at the factory. Of course, save all the photos and videos before they disappear like tears in the rain.

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