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“We have to move”: the big anger of Marine Le Pen on sponsorships

Marine le Pen is furious, this Monday, February 21, in the meeting room of the headquarters of her campaign office. She pulls on her electronic cigarette and releases in a whirlwind: “Shit, you don’t understand, you have to move.” On his chair, MEP André Rougé is very small. The spokesperson for the candidate in charge of Overseas France is publicly accused of negligence: of the half-dozen sponsorship promises recorded on Reunion Island, only one stamped envelope has arrived at the Constitutional Council.

Marine Le Pen reminds us, for the umpteenth time: all sponsorships must be posted AND arrived on March 4, the deadline for filing the signatures of elected officials to be a presidential candidate. For once, it’s not the postmark that counts.

Around the table, no one is calm. All received the same SMS, sent urgently on Sunday evening, to announce that the campaign office was exceptionally being transformed into a national office, the body which brings together the forty highest executives of the movement. On a giant screen, some local officials are connected. One by one, they shell their meager harvest: “perhaps” a sponsorship in such a village, “perhaps” another, at the end of the week, in such a city.

On the other side of the screen, Marine Le Pen breaks down in the face of so much uncertainty. Last week, his lightning fell on Laurent Jacobelli: the general delegate of the elected officials, officially in charge of this thankless harvest, was summoned to explain in a meeting “why it is not moving forward”.

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