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Visits to news websites increased enormously due to the corona crisis

The Dutch keep a much closer eye on news websites and apps to keep abreast of developments regarding the coronavirus. On the weekend of March 14, there were 2 million more Dutch people who read the news online than usual.

This is reported by the United Internet Operators (VINEX) based on visitor figures for the major Dutch news sites and apps.

On Sunday 15 March, the number of visitors to news websites reached a peak. More than 9 million Dutch people read the news online. That day it turned out that the coronavirus outbreak would have major consequences for public life. The cabinet decided to close all catering establishments, nurseries, and schools.

Twenty-somethings read more news
VINEX notices that Dutch people of all ages have started to keep a closer eye on news websites, but especially people under the age of 50. People aged 20 to 35 spent twice as much time on news websites in the second week of March as usual.

The researchers see a clear increase in the reach of news websites from Friday 21 February. That day, among other things, the news came that Dutch people who had been trapped on the cruise ship Westerdam had flown back from Cambodia. The number of infections in Italy started to rise then.



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