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Twitter actively deletes tweets with nonsense about coronavirus.

Twitter and the fake news.

Twitter is cracking down on fake news and other nonsense surrounding the coronavirus. Such potentially harmful tweets are now deleted faster.

Tweeter criticized.
Twitter has been criticized for its lax attitude to tweets containing fake news about the coronavirus and tweets containing information that contradict official advice from health authorities. Twitter has now made its rules on corona tweets much stricter, removing many tweets that were previously allowed.

For example, tweets that deny the usefulness of measures are removed and try to convince other people to do so, for example, tweets that encourage people not to maintain social distancing.

Sowing panic is also not allowed, for example by claiming that a government says that food supplies are running out.

Saying that some groups or nationalities are more or less susceptible to the Covid-19 virus is also not allowed, as are tricks to supposedly determine the difference between a cold and the coronavirus yourself.

Trump and Musk not enforced.

An exception is still made for at least US President Trump. He has recently sent numerous factually incorrect tweets about the corona virus. For example, Trump downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus on March 9, by calling the flu more deadly. Twitter has previously said that the newsworthiness of Trump's tweets is more important than the guidelines.


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