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They filter the price and release date of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Although more than joking, they confirm the rumors of a launch date and a price that have been in the works for a long time, as well as the existence of a cheaper Xbox Series X

The latest rumors suggest that the launch date and price of Xbox Series X are as follows: November 10 and $ 499. And the thing is not there: the rumored Xbox Series S, a smaller and less powerful console, exists, will cost $ 299 and will also be launched on November 10.

The source of this information is Windows Central, a blog specializing in information about Microsoft. At the same time, several Twitter accounts have leaked what clearly looks like an official Xbox Series S video, adding even more weight to these rumors.

And as if that weren’t enough, this tweet from the official Xbox account, which uses a popular meme to say ‘wow, we’ve been caught’, which gives this information even more validity. They have not taken long to recognize part of the leaked: Xbox Series S will cost $ 299, although they have not said the launch date.

Until today, the appearance or certain characteristics of the Xbox Series S, the white and vertical speaker-like game console that is much smaller than its older sister, Xbox Series X, had not been known.

Xbox Series S will have about 4 Teraflops of power, so its power is more or less on the same level as Xbox One X, the most powerful console of the previous generation, but it will not have a disc player: it will be entirely a console for digital games. You probably have a faster SSD hard drive as well as some software enhancements and raytracing support. But it seems like one more console aimed at gaming in resolutions below 4K.

The video game community has been waiting for months for Microsoft and Sony to confirm the release date and price of their next-generation game consoles, something that is starting to be bloody since November is the planned launch month for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Microsoft’s strategy, be that as it may, is more aimed at strengthening its digital services, which are led by Xbox Game Pass, a kind of Netflix for video games. Launching a somewhat less powerful and inexpensive video game console to strengthen this type of video game consumption seems like a wise move in this regard.

Sony, however, continues its usual path of recent years: PS5 is a console in which what matters most are the exclusive titles. PS5 will have a Spiderman video game, which on PS4 was a huge success; a remake of a PS3 cult classic, Demon’s Souls, and a grid of games for the first few months ranging from Gran Turismo 7 to Ratchet & Clank.

Sony will also put two consoles on sale in November, but both are the same PS5, with the difference that one only works with games purchased digitally and that the other, clearly a more expensive model and limited in quantities, will read games. on disk, as is traditional. Without a doubt, Sony also wants to boost the sales of its online services with the first console and raise even more in its digital Playstation Store.

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