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Storm after storm kills trees

Storm Dudley has only just settled down and now our country is again ravaged by Eunice. We are going from storm to storm because there will probably be another one on Monday. Chances are many trees will not survive such a series of storms. That is a great danger for us: two people died this afternoon due to fallen trees.

Fallen trees have already killed two people today. On the Aalsmeerweg, the fire brigade released a person this afternoon who ended up under a tree, but the victim did not survive. A tree fell on a car in Diemen, the fire brigade says that a person in the car died as a result.

Forest ranger Harco Bergman of Staatsbosbeheer holds his breath. He compares the circumstances with 1990 and 2007 when many trees were killed by a storm in the Kuinderbos in Flevoland – where he is a forester. “The soil is wet and the roots are less able to attach themselves.”

According to Bergman, if there are several storms in a row, this poses a problem. “If it stays with one storm, the roots of the tree will have time to recover. Several storms can just give the push that causes a tree to fall over,” he tells EditieNL. “If trees are affected by fungi, you don’t see it on the outside. They are the first to fall over in a storm.”



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