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Spain, the leader in organ donation, contributes 6% of the world’s donors

Spain is once again the world leader – and for 28 consecutive years – in organ donation. Spaniards contributed 20% of organ donations in the European Union and 6% of those registered in the world last year.

This is reflected in the new data from the World Transplant Registry, which the National Transplant Organization (ONT) announced on Monday.

According to the data in this registry, last year Spain reached a rate of 117.4 transplants per million population. The US exceeds that figure, with 123.4 transplants pmp , due to its important living donor transplant activity.

However, Spain occupies the first place in the international ranking of deceased donor transplants, with a rate of 107.9 pmp transplants, compared to 100.9 pm in the United States.

With 11,492 donors and a rate of 22.5 deceased donors pmp, in Europe 34,285 transplants were performed last year, which corresponds to a rate of 67.2 transplants pm

According to the ONT, those EU countries that have partially or fully implemented the Spanish Transplant Model, such as Croatia, France, Italy, or Portugal, continue to lead the European ranking, both in terms of the rate of donation and transplantation.

Regarding the waiting list, as of December 31, 2019, the data from the World Registry amount to about 60,000 patients that make up this list in the European Union.

According to these same data, in Europe 10 patients died each day waiting for a transplant , the same number as that registered in 2018.

In the statement, the ONT warns however that the growing trend that Spain has experienced has been “resented” this year by the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

However, from March 13, when the state of alarm was announced, until September 3, 1,649 transplants have been performed from 760 donors .

Worldwide, transplant activity has continued, albeit slowly, its upward trend during 2019, with a total of 146,840 transplants performed, 6% more than the previous year.

These transplants were possible thanks to 39,357 deceased donors (a number growing by 5%), to which are added 41,049 living kidneys (34,549) and liver (6,500) donors.

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