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Series of CJG webinars about raising adolescents.

The Center for Youth and Family (CJG) is organizing a webinar series, especially for parents of secondary education students in collaboration with the Health Promotion of GGD Hollands Midden. The webinars are about different themes around raising adolescents. Parents receive more information about various topics that play a role in this age phase and tips on how they can guide their adolescents… Parents can register for all webinars, but also just for the webinar of their choice! Webinar Eat, Train, Study, Sleep and Repeat – March 23, 2022, During this webinar, parents will receive information about the adolescent brain in relation to nutrition, exercise, study, and sleep.

Parents also receive tips on what they can do to stimulate healthy eating, exercise, and sleeping pattern in their adolescents. Webinar Your adolescent online – March 29, 2022, This webinar is about cyberbullying, sexting, gaming, and online time use. It explains why young people can be so limitless in their use and what the risks are. Webinar Temptations of today – 07 April 2022 This webinar is about vaping, laughing gas, alcohol, and drugs. Parents receive information about substance use during this time. It is explained why adolescents experiment with these substances, even though they are often aware of the risks.

Parents also receive tips on what they can do to delay the use of these substances by their child for as long as possible. Webinar Talking to your adolescent – ​​April 11, 2022, Intense discussions at the table? Do you never do it right in the eyes of your teenager? Or does your adolescent never want to talk and is he/she just sitting in his/her room?

During the webinar Talking to your adolescent issues such as understanding and respect for each other are discussed as well as how parents can communicate with their adolescent.

The free webinars are from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. More information and registration for the webinars can be done via



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