Paco Cubelos and Íñigo Peña

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The Talavera canoeist also achieved, after Saturday’s victory, in this case with Íñigo Peña, qualification for the World Cup in K2 1000

Paco Cubelos and Iñigo Peña in K2 1,000 meters have achieved their classification this Saturday to compete in the Sprint World Cup 2020, to be held from September 24 to 27 in Szeged (Hungary). In this way, the Talavera canoeist has done a double in this national selective of Verducido since on Saturday he won the victory in K1 1000 meters and the ticket also for the World Cup

The second day of the selective national canoeing, which is held at the Verducido regatta field in Pontevedra to make up the Spanish team that will attend the only international event of the season, has been marked by the wind that blew in Pontillón do Castro, informs the Spanish Canoeing Federation (RFEP).

The current world runners-up of K2 1,000, the Castilian-Manchego Paco Cubelos (UCAM), and the Basque Íñigo Peña (Zumaia) -3m, 11s. 418- have imposed themselves exhibiting their final power to the Galicians of the Kayak Tudense, integrated by the international Albert Martí and Roi Rodríguez -3m.15s.127-. The couple that managed to classify this boat for the Tokyo Olympics thus secure their pass to the Szeged World Cup.

In the final A, after them, the Asturians Pelayo Roza (Fluvial) and Pedro Vázquez Llenín (Kayak Tudense), the current world runners-up in K2 500 -3m.38s.467- entered, although leaving the final.

The Talavera paddler said: “The start of this season has been very good, we are also in the final part of this year; in three weeks we have the World Cup and it could not have started in a better way than with the victory in K1 and K2, with good feelings, even today, on a slightly strange day in which the teammates have made it very difficult for us and with difficult weather conditions, but we have managed to give the best of ourselves and do our best race to get the victory “.

The final A of K1 200 meters, with the Olympic champion Cristian Toro on the starting line, has been resolved with the victory of the Asturian Juan Oriyés (Covadonga Group) -35s.501-

The man from Gijón, a world-wide player last year in K2, has been intractable and has been awarded the place to compete in the only international event of the season, although Toro had another chance in the K1 500, after finishing fourth -37s. 108- behind Enrique Ada (Aranjuez) -36s.332- and Carlos Borras (Náutico de Palma) -36s.688-.

In C1 200 women the Madrilenian María Corbera (Aranjuez) -47s.629- has prevailed over her previous shipmate in C2, the Galician Antía Jácome (City of Pontevedra), who has been second -48s.309- and the junior Antía Otero, from the same team, -50s. 180-. Corbera and Jácome get a place to compete in the World Cup.

The Balearic Olympian Sete Benavides (UCAM) has secured the place to compete in Szeged by winning in C1 200 -39s.822-, ahead of the Andalusian Cayetano García (Náutico de Sevilla) -40s.489- and the Galician Pablo Graña ( Nautical Rodeira de Cangas) -41s. 431-.

In the afternoon session, the two semi-finals of K1 500 were held in which Pelayo Roza and Cristian Toro (Fluvial), Iago Monteagudo (Naval de Pontevedra), Enrique Adan and Adrián del Río (Aranjuez), Roi Rodríguez and Albert Martí (Kayak Tudense), Iván Fernández (Ría de Betanzos) and Blai Muñoz (Banyoles).

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