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CD Toledo opens with a draw

Roberto Aguirre’s team equals with Getafe B (1-1) in the first match of the preseason

Without Olmedo, Titi, Esparza, and Cigo, Aguirre started with a team that probably does not resemble any eleven in the league championship at all, with Rubén Moreno and Osama at the head of the attack and the youth squad Álex Martín on one side. The green team wanted to be in control in the first minutes, but fair enough. The idea of ​​moving fast to generate chances was a clearer option, although without worrying Darío at all.

In fact, after ten minutes, Getafe B had the best chance in a direct free kick by Toledo’s Relucio to which Nico responded with a downward stretch. Shortly after, possession was already owned by the Azulón subsidiary. Those of Emilio Ferreras tried to move the ball from one side to another to upset the Toledo order, but they did not succeed. Again, the only possibility to create danger was a lateral foul that did not make the defense nervous.

CD Toledo gradually removed the pressure from its rival and returned to attacking plays, but like the Madrid team, the possibility of scoring was presented with a stopped ball by Álvaro Antón that went over the crossbar ( minute 36). However, in a ball to the area that seemed to have no consequences, the defense failed to clear clearly and Dani Salas finished at pleasure in front of Nico to make it 0-1. And so ended the first part that, obviously, showed the heights of seasons in which both teams are, especially the local.

After the break, Roberto Aguirre left Nico, Carlitos, and Carlos Martínez and switched to the other eight players. From Felipe, he played as a right-back, and from one of his boots, a very good center was born since no teammate was able to finish off, in what was the first play of the second half. It turned out to be the prelude to the tie, but it must be said that as a demerit of one of the central Getafe B, who gave a too short pass and Antonio, who was passing by, picked it up and went straight to the goalkeeper, whom he beat with a subtle touch with the right.

Quickly, the visiting team regained the baton or at least tried. Once again, the best chances were found with the set pieces. Keita first and Julio later found no possible gap. Aguirre took advantage of the second half to place Carlitos as a midfielder (in the first he participated as a central player) and Carlos Martínez in the midfielder.

The match regained some appeal in a triangulation down the right-wing that Pituli decided had to be a corner. He himself put it into the area so that Cubero headed the ball without the ideal direction. It was the 71st minute. Both coaches made more modifications to remove the players who accumulated more time, like Carlitos, who retired with discomfort. Antonio had a shot from the area after another good cross from De Felipe, who had an outstanding performance as a right back.

Santi García had another clear chance in front of Prada, and then Julio tried to solve another arrival from the right side, but his shot went to limbo. Getafe B entered the final stretch wanting to score and win. The Madrid team had completely taken control of CD Toledo, which also did not give up on making another mistake. It did not come and time was consumed with a draw that leaves a good taste in the mouth after a hopeful debut by the new green team.

Data sheet:

CD TOLEDO: Nico, Aller, Carlitos, César Ortiz, Gomis, Leo, Álvaro Antón, Carlos Martínez, Álex Martín, Osama and Rubén Moreno. They also played: De Felipe, Mansour, Cubero, Uge, Jaime, Fran Sabaté, Pituli, Antonio, Robledo, Silvio and Prada.

GETAFE B: Darío, Juan Iglesias, Akurugu, Llopis, David Alba, Relucio, Mario Presa, Algobia, Dani Salas, Miranda and Giovanni. They also played: Keita, Ángel, Nowak, Julio, Keita, Santi García, David Ortega, Diego, Núñez and Jorge.

REFEREE: Suárez Iglesias, assisted in the bands by Douhal Fernández and García Martín.

GOALS: 0-1 (minute 40). Dani Salas. 1-1 (minute 48). Antonio.

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