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Renowned Russian pulmonologist denounces “serious violations” of medical ethics in the development of the Sputnik V vaccine

One of Russia’s top pulmonologists, Alexander Chuchalin, has resigned from his post on the Ethics Council of the Russian Ministry of Health after unsuccessfully trying to block the registration of the COVID Sputnik V vaccine, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

He has alleged “serious violations” of medical ethics in the Russian vaccine registry. For his part, he tried to block the registry for “security reasons”, since he considers that the two doctors who have led the project – Alexander Ginsburg, director of Gameleya; and Sergey Borisevich, medical colonel and chief virologist in the Russian army – have accelerated the production of the vaccine against ethical criteria.

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Chuchalin would have questioned both men if they had gone through all the necessary processes approved by the legislation of the Russian Federation and by the international scientific community. According to him, these processes have not been followed, “therefore, one of the ethical principles of medicine has been seriously violated: do no harm.”

He says he is depressed by the “irresponsible” statements of some scientists about the vaccine. Although the reasons for the resignation have not been specified, Chuchalin gave an interview days before his resignation in which he stressed that “we, as ethical reviewers, would like to understand, in the first place, how safe it is for humans [the vaccine ] “.

He also stated that, although it is normal in these circumstances to want to shorten the processes, “it is vital” to know “the effect of the vaccine in the longer term” since there are some “biological substances that do not appear immediately but only after one or two years. ” In other different statements, the doctor went so far as to affirm that “there is a danger” of “increasing the disease with an incorrect design of the vaccine”.

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