Karachi rain

As the rains weakened in Karachi, the system began to gain momentum, all estimates of the Meteorological Department proved wrong

The meteorological department had forecast continuous heavy rains till 4 pm and now till 11 am. The system in the Arabian Sea was weakening but the rest of the system coming from Balochistan strengthened it. It would have rained for many more hours. Will remain

As the rains weaken in Karachi, the system begins to gain momentum, the Meteorological Department said.

(Minmaxfeeds newspaper latest. August 27, 2020) Rains in Karachi could not stop. Meteorological Department changed its initial estimates, the forecasts made by the Meteorological Department proved to be reversed, heavy rains in Karachi again. Has started The meteorological department had earlier forecast continuous rain till 4 pm. The meteorological department has estimated that the heavy rain will continue till 11 pm.
In other words, there may be heavy rains in Karachi for many more hours. There is no administration at any place in Karachi city. People are in a state of extreme distress.

After heavy rains in Karachi, Faisal Street sank in many places. Now, however, the Meteorological Department says the system is gaining momentum as the rains weaken.

The meteorological department says the system being built in the Arabian Sea was weakening.

The rest of the system coming from Balochistan strengthened it. It has been reported that the situation in Karachi is now out of control. Karachi is beginning to look like a sea. Water has reached the backs of the people. Accidents are happening in different places.

Sindh rains in recent days, the destruction is caused Karachi Badin, Mirpur Khas, Hyderabad, and other districts and people of the villages and cattle stormwater are trapped in, but what is not seen until the name of the mark, the B Friend is left helpless.

The opposition says that despite advance reports, the sixth spell of rains fell on Karachi due to the government’s criminal negligence and incompetence, which not only claimed more than a dozen precious lives but also submerged the area, while the city’s main highways. including low-lying areas submerged, homes, mosques mixed sewage in hospitals stormwater from midnight until they help you out while army votes through public representatives arrive in power to misleading the public crying your options Keep trying.

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