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PS5 event: follow live and video the presentation of PlayStation 5

The PS5 is already announced and we know how powerful it is and what it looks like, but the price and release date of Sony’s new game console remains to be known.

It has arrived the day: Sony today celebrates a new presentation event of PS5 in which, if all goes well, finally know the two remaining data to know the console: release date and price.

The PS5 launch event can be seen live on Twitch and YouTube and will take place at this time:

Peninsular Spain, Mallorca, Ceuta, and Melilla: 22:00 (21:00 in the Canary Islands).
Mexico and Colombia: 15:00.
Venezuela and Chile: 16:00.
Argentina: 17:00.
The PlayStation 5 has a very high speed hard drive, much more power than its predecessor, a good handful of exclusive games for its first months on the market and design, as low as risky.

This without forgetting that there will be two versions, the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, which we anticipate will be slightly cheaper because it does not have a disc reader. This unprecedented move by Sony forwards what will undoubtedly be part of its strategy: power its digital services as much as possible.

Among the video games that have already made an appearance in the previous presentation of the PS5, we can highlight Demon’s Souls, a remake of a cult game from the PS3 era; Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a story from the point of view of another Spider-Man; Gran Turismo 7, from the most important driving saga on PlayStation; o Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, from the saga of exclusive platform games for PlayStation.

Its direct competition, the Xbox Series X, which will cost 500 euros and will be launched on November 10, also has some aces under its command, starting with the emphasis that Microsoft is doing on Xbox Game Pass, its’ Netflix of video games; for which it could be said that they have created another console, the Xbox Series S, which is a more humble new generation console, but much cheaper: 300 euros.

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