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PostNL deliverers voluntarily help to identify loneliness.

PostNL will help Noordwijk to reduce loneliness. The company works together with the Signaalpunt Loneliness, Welfare Noordwijk, and the municipality of Noordwijk. The pilot will last three months and started on February 23. Loneliness is a growing problem. The pandemic has not helped. Lonely people find it difficult or have no one to talk to or ask for help. Lonely people have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s… obesity and cardiovascular disease.

But also suffers from a feeling of emptiness and general dissatisfaction with life. The dangerous consequence is that people start to take care of themselves less well.

Connecting people.

Alderman Dennis Salman: ‘You can solve loneliness by connecting people. So find lonely people and help when you find them. That sounds simple, but it isn’t. It is especially difficult to find lonely people. People don’t sell it. Delivery people are everywhere. They experience a lot along the way and meet lonely inhabitants. The great thing about this pilot is that delivery drivers encounter and identify loneliness among residents along the way. That way we know who we can help.



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