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Zozulia is on the exit ramp

Albacete and the player renegotiate their contract to adapt it to the salary limit, but if it is not possible, the Ukrainian can go abroad

Roman Zozulia, who aims to start on Saturday in the game against Espanyol, maybe the great bell of the market in Albacete. The player has one more year of the contract, but his high profile destabilizes a salary limit that has been drastically reduced, so his departure is not ruled out if the club does not manage to square numbers.
Yesterday the interest of Cypriot Apoel Nicosia to take over his services was known in foreign media, although there is talk that the forward has been offered. In addition, in Ukraine, it is stated that Zozulia can return to the Dynamo Kiev, the team in which he was formed, for which he sets two conditions, that he qualifies for the Champions League and that he transfers one of his forwards.
In this sense, the club and the player have reached an agreement to review the forward’s contract and adapt it to the salary limit, although all this depends on whether this “financial engineering” is accepted by the League. What is clear is that if the economic issue does not manage to square, the most normal thing is that Zozulia leaves Albacete and the club thus frees itself from a salary mass that right now is unaffordable. On the other hand, if that financial engineering works, Zozulia will continue to wear white.

The vice president of the club Víctor Varela spoke yesterday about a possible departure of Zozulia and made it clear that “he is an Albacete player and we want to have him, Zozulia wants to stay and we are trying to make sufficient efforts to have a competitive squad taking into account that the economic circumstances are complicated “and added that” we are going to work in this line and the player knows it. “

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