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Patricia Paay is not busy with musical comeback

Patricia Paay (72) does not see herself making a musical comeback. The singer was a guest on Sunday in 'Matthijs goes door' and told that as a woman over 70 you should no longer perform.
I'm mainly working on learning to walk now. I think that's the most important thing," Patricia told Matthijs van Nieuwkerk when he asked her if she was going to make music again. The singer has undergone several hip surgeries in recent months and has been in rehab ever since.
Patricia is 'not so busy' with singing or performing. "I was talking to my sister about it recently. I personally think: if you're over 70 or whatever, as a woman, I think it's getting a bit pathetic. Crazy, isn't it? Sometimes I see that and then I think, oh girl, you mustn't."
Matthijs did not agree at all and tried to persuade Patricia to think about it. He referred to his hero Charles Aznavour, who was still performing in his old age. However, Dutch artists are not like that, says Patricia. "We are not the old stars. If you are going to perform you also have to have a little sing-along. I thought: I'm not going to do all that."


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