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New to the crypto market

Certainly when bitcoin rises enormously in value again, it is the talk of the day. It is possible that investing in cryptos makes you curious. Just where do you start? Good news, because nowadays it is very easy to get into digital currencies. It turns out that it is even easier to invest in cryptos than in stocks.

There is a good chance that you first heard about a digital currency called bitcoin in 2013. 'Something that could become very big worldwide.' On the other hand, the chance is much smaller that you actually got into bitcoin at the time.

Mike Hutting belonged to the select group that did dare to take the plunge. Only it turned out to be a difficult process to be able to buy such a coin at all. At that time, bitcoin was only for sale in one place in the world, namely from a company from Japan. Just buying a bitcoin was not possible, because the registration procedure took no less than four weeks. To provide millions of people with the need to buy bitcoin, something really needs to change here.”

Not much later, Hutting and three friends came up with the online platform BTC Direct. A place where you can trade in bitcoin and other cryptos very easily, carefree and safely.


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