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JBL Tune 225TWS: the right and necessary improvements to remain a great alternative

With a new USB-C connector, the Tune 220TWS becomes one of the best wireless headphone options with a charging box

In its last presentation, JBL showed all kinds of speakers with lights, karaoke, and even wheels. This left little time for the wireless headphones with a charging box, among which was the improved JBL Tune 225TWS, the best that can be found in a mid-range that in this market is the one that is around 100 euros.

The sound quality is more than competent, with more weight from the bass than the treble. Despite not having isolation or noise cancellation, it will rarely be necessary for the volume to reach half its power if we are at home or in a moderately noisy office. On the street or in workspaces that use screaming more than mail, you have to raise the bar and the soundbar.

The box is compact, sober, and elegant: on the front, only the logo and a small hole appear to open it easily, while the back is used to shelter all kinds of logos, warnings, and entities. All this in a plastic body that could pass for a more noble material.

In a medium-sized pocket, you can see their presence without disturbing them, although if you have a company – a mobile phone, a wallet, depending on which keys – you can perceive that they are there inside and by whoever looks from the outside (who knows what does looking at that area, on the other hand).

In general, it is a pleasant product to see and that would not clash – except for the colors – in the Apple catalog. Inside there are three lights to indicate the battery level and two colored dots to know where each earbud goes. Although the help is appreciated, it is not that you have to be a genius to guess where each one is parked: if not, it is the other.

What is matte on the outside shines like a comet when opening the house of the JBL Tune 225 TWS. On the outside, Nolan’s Batman; inside, that of Joel Schumacher. The best of two worlds. In any case, the finish suffers slightly after a short time of use due to the inevitable marks and marks.

The headphones – regardless of which of the six available colors are chosen – follow coherent lines, although they add the presence of a second tone (gray, in the case of the black model). The body is somewhat bulky, but light. In general, they resist movement, walks, and comings and goings of the mask without falling; even if they are not designed for sport (they have no protection) they could withstand a race without a problem.

Each of the JBL Tune 225 TWS has a button dedicated to various controls. In the case of the right, it pauses or resumes playback and hangs up or goes off the hook, while the left goes to the next or previous song (with one or two taps).

The variety of functions is as expected and, personally, I prefer to control the playback – an eclectic list of 800 songs that goes from Propagandhi to Manel without criteria, warning or modesty is the culprit – to the volume, although there will be those who miss that option. The buttons are somewhat small, so the first keystrokes are more like a blind stick than a precise touch; after a few days, it will be a natural movement.

JBL boasts a total of 25 hours of autonomy between what the box provides and that of the headphones themselves. After a couple of weeks of use, it seems that it could be a somewhat optimistic figure, although not very far from a reality that is around 20 or 22 hours.

In any case, having changed the connector for a USB-C makes it easier and easier to have a charger at hand, and with half an hour of rest, they will have enough gasoline for an afternoon. It will depend on the use, but the normal thing will be to charge them once or twice a week.

The best that can be said about the JBL Tune 225 TWS is that they are neither the AirPods nor do they need any. The company has improved what was needed (basically, the micro-USB) and has achieved a product with enough personality and quality so as not to have to walk around looking in mirrors with apples; go your own way and it will take you wherever you want if the stops have devices of this level. For 99.99 euros there are few alternatives of this caliber and Tune 220 has enough arguments to beat the copper with any of them.

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