the game against Blazers

The NBA explodes by a new attack by the police against a black man: “Fuck the playoffs!”

Several League stars, including LeBron James, protested the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. African Americans live in terror “

NBA stars like LeBron James and Donovan Mitchell cried out for justice on Monday after Wisconsin State Police shot a black man, Jacob Blake in the back, an attack that reignited anti-racism protests in the United States.

“Fuck games and playoffs !! This is sick and a real problem. We demand justice!” Donovan Mitchell , a star of the Utah Jazz , demanded on Twitter .

“It’s crazy and I have no words. This is why we don’t feel safe!”, Claimed the guard, 23, one of the best players of the current season finale at Disney World (Orlando) with two games with more than 50 points in the last week.

A video of the attack, recorded from a mobile phone and that went viral, shows how two policemen follow the African-American Jacob Blake on a street in the town of Kenosha (Wisconsin) as he goes to a truck. When he opens the door and tries to sit in the driver’s seat, one of the policemen grabs him by the shirt and shoots him several times in the back.

The attack, which occurred Sunday afternoon, comes three months after African-American George Floyd was suffocated to death by a white police officer in Minneapolis, a crime that sparked a wave of demonstrations around the world.

NBA players, concentrated since July at Disney World to finish the season, have maintained their protest against racial equality with numerous gestures such as kneeling on the ground during the American anthem and continuously demanding the arrest of those responsible for cases of police brutality.

“And they wonder why we say what we say about the police!” LeBron James claimed in a message on Twitter in which he released the video of the attack on Blake. “Someone please tell me what the hell this is ?! Exactly another black man being a target.”

“This shit is so bad and it’s so sad !! I feel so sorry for him, his family and our people !! We want JUSTICE,” demanded the Los Angeles Lakers star.

After being shot, Blake underwent emergency surgery and hospitalized in an intensive care unit in the city of Milwaukee.

Weeks before the NBA restart, some players were against focusing on Disney World, saying it would distract them from the effort to achieve social change. George Hill, the backup guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, recovered that self-criticism on Monday.

“We can’t do anything (from Orlando),” said the Bucks player, one of the favorite teams for the title. “I think coming here took all the focus off what the issues are.”

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