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NASA offers $ 180,000, who solves a problem with trips to the Moon

Without knowing the ins and outs of NASA, it could be said that the American agency has given up and has put the future of its space travel in the hands of the youngest. All of their moon landings generate a problem that they have not been able to solve. Now they offer up to $ 180,000 for the university team to find the exact formula and free of the ultimate check these space missions.

It is all framed within what they have called the BIG idea challenge and the objective is to find the perfect solution to eliminate moon dust. This innovative idea should serve to avoid the problems that currently affect devices, measuring instruments, and astronauts’ clothing. The perfect idea will be applied already within the Artemis mission that will seek to return to the Moon in 2024.

As detailed by NASA on its own website, the idea of ​​this university’s ‘contest’ is to try to find a perfect plan that will help the agency’s experts. Moon dust is ” extremely abrasive and small in size, it is difficult to remove or mitigate”, so all missions are affected by these particles that are released in large quantities, for example, upon landing.

Through this method, NASA seeks to add new ideas to its projects and that university students are able to contribute proposals at the highest technical level, with the aim that they can even be a real revolution. The call closes on September 25 and the price ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 180,000, depending on the type of project submitted. The only ‘negative’ is that only teams of students from 5 to 25 components that are part of the group of American universities affiliated to a NASA program can participate.

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