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Mx Anywhere 3: Logitech renews its best on-the-go mouse

The Mx Anywhere 3 introduces several improvements to its wheel, which now adapts to each situation in a more organic way thanks to a new magnet technology

Logitech announced today the renewal of one of its lines of wireless mice with the announcement of the MX Anywhere 3, which has a version for Mac, debuts a redesign, and introduces several improvements to the scroll wheel and laser sensor.

It will hit stores in September at a recommended price of 93 euros. It’s a high figure for a mouse, but Logitech believes that this is not only top-of-the-line but includes improvements that justify the figure.

One of the most striking is that it is a mouse that works on glass surfaces, something that even today is not as common as one would think. But perhaps where the most progress has been made is in the operation of its wheel, which is totally silent and capable of operating in various modes, depending on the user’s needs.

The ratchet mode allows you to skip lines in a fixed number that has previously been established in the Logitech software, while the ultra-fast mode allows you to move freely, but more precisely than in the previous model.

The MX Anywhere promises a battery life of up to 70 days and is capable of charging up to 3 hours of use in just one minute. This model has made the leap to USB-C as a connection port, which makes it easier to carry fewer cables with you.

The big problem with this model is that it comes at a time when nobody leaves home to work, at least to work in an office environment where this mouse is perfect. Still, it is a great device that due to its size and capabilities, it looks like it will become the perfect heir to the MX Anywhere 2, one of the most popular models of recent years among professionals who constantly work on the move.

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