Melody sings a cappella and exclusively in ‘Pasapalabra’ a fragment of her new song, ‘Las Cosas del Amor’

The Melody took advantage of her time at Pasapalabra to premiere, exclusively, a fragment of her next cappella. “Tell me things that I am aware of what you are going to release again,” said Roberto Leal to his guest in the Antena 3 contest.

“I can tell many things, and among them that my new song, Las Cosas del Amor, which we were going to present before everything that has happened and also record the video clip, will be released soon, but I did not have time, ” said the singer.

Melody commented that ” we have already recorded it and it has been spectacular. In September we released this video that we have given it a lot of love and I am delighted with the song “.

Leal asked her if she could sing a little bit and the Sevillian, a cappella, was encouraged to sing a fragment of it, drawing the applause of the public, presenter, and fellow contestants.

After wishing her the best of luck, the artist acknowledged that “after everything that has happened, more than ever we have to be positive and eager for this to come out. “

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