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Judge grants Ronaldinho freedom after more than 5 months in prison in Paraguay

The former FC Barcelona player spent a total of 171 days under arrest, of which the last 140 were spent in a four-star hotel

The former Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho, was released this Monday by a Paraguayan judge after spending almost five months in prison, accused of using a Paraguayan passport with false content when he entered the country on March 4, reported the judge of the cause.

The former FC Barcelona player and his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira, also released in the same case, were in total 171 under arrest, of which the last 140 days were spent in a four-star hotel in Asunción.

Ronaldinho, 40, “has free availability to travel to any country in the world he wants, but he has to notify us if he is going to change his permanent address” for a period of one year.

“From now on the precautionary measure of arrest is lifted. (Ronaldinho) It has no restriction except compliance with the reparation of social damage,” said the magistrate.

With a black beret, a shirt of the same color and jeans, his usual way of dressing, Ronaldinho answered the judge: “yes, I accept”, referring to the procedural exit recommended by the Prosecutor’s Office.

One of the outputs is the payment of $ 90,000 in cash as reparation for the social damage caused by his conduct. For his brother Roberto, the fine amounts to 110 thousand dollars. Both appeared before Judge Amarilla’s office for the hearing that began shortly after 2:00 p.m. local time and lasted three hours.

The magistrate considered the conclusive accusation of four prosecutors who requested the procedural exit to avoid the oral trial.

The former soccer player and his brother were arrested on March 6, two days after arriving at the Asunción air terminal where they exhibited real Paraguayan passports with false content to the immigration authorities.

The popular “Dinho”, champion with the seleçao in the 2002 World Cup, was benefited with the “conditional suspension of the procedure” since the expectation of punishment does not exceed two years.

On the other hand, the judge sentenced his brother Roberto to two years in prison with the suspension of the sentence, with the obligation to appear every 4 months before a court in his place of residence (Rio de Janeiro).

Defense sources admitted that Ronaldinho and Roberto will travel -by private flight- as soon as possible to their city of residence, as soon as they get the corresponding permits.

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