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Islamism: in the secrets of the “Al Capone strategy

Who said that only the Ministry of the Interior fought against Islamism? Lately, even Olivier Dussopt, the Minister in charge of Public Accounts, has started to use a funny expression in front of his interlocutors: “Al Capone strategy”. The royal pole of the Elysée and the services of Gérald Darmanin present it as a major tool in the face of separatism, this ideology which gives precedence to its own rules over those of the Republic. The formula refers to the Chicago mafia, confused not for the hundreds of murders he allegedly ordered, but for tax evasion.

“It is a strategy of administrative harassment against very skillful organizations which never cross the red line”, describes an advisor to the executive. Clearly, it is a question of putting pressure, by all the means at the disposal of the State, on associations, businesses, companies which, in appearance, respect all the laws. By targeting the portfolio as a priority. The figures mentioned by the government make you dizzy: in two years, the state services have notified some… 47 million euros of recovery on this basis. At the head of the first line organizations, the Urssaf, responsible among other things for controlling undeclared work. “With the Urssaf, the advantage is that the bill immediately goes up very, very high”,



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