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Hometowns pay tribute to athletes

Inge Schouten organizes the ceremony for Irene SchoutenBeeld © EditieNL
No tour through the canals, but a small get-together for the family: the ceremony of the medal winners is, just like the Games themselves, without an audience. The players returning from Beijing today will receive a small tribute at Schiphol. Can they still expect a party when they return to their hometown or place of birth?

But does it stop there? Or can the athletes also show their medals to the general public? In Wervershoof – where Irene Schouten grew up – they are busy organizing a local celebration. "Friday, Irene will be honored in a large hall for the residents of Wervershoof," says organizer Inge Schouten - who is not related by the way.

Irene Schouten
"We really want to pay tribute to her for more than an hour. Everyone who wants to will therefore have the opportunity to put Irene in the spotlight. We have a permit and we expect a thousand visitors to come."


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