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Mayor Wendy Verkleij visits homes hit by storm Eunice Stokroos

Mayor Wendy Verkleij visits residents of the Stokroos homes hit by storm Eunice. (photos) On Monday afternoon, Mayor Wendy Verkleij visited the residents of the homes on the Stokroos in the Mossenest district, which had been hit by storm Eunice. At 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon, February 18, an alarm was received regarding storm damage in the Stokroos district of Mossenest-1. On-site, the complete roof covering with solar panels, air conditioning, and the insulation blocks underneath had been blown off the houses… The mayor spoke with the residents of the 7 homes and wanted to give this visit and a beautiful bunch of flowers, the residents put a heart on behalf of the municipality of Noordwijk. The mayor listened carefully to the residents’ stories about what had happened to them as a result of storm Eunice and the considerable damage it caused to their homes. She also wanted to know what the residents’ experiences are with regard to the help they received afterward from the various authorities involved, such as the Salvage Foundation. The residents also indicated that they had been given permission to move into their own home again today after all CVs had been made working and safe again on Monday morning. Contacts with the insurance company could also be made today and we now have to wait for the arrival of the insurance expert and then the refurbishment of the homes. Last Saturday’s emergency repairs were done well, as residents said there had been no leakage in the homes after Sunday’s heavy rain. After the conversation, the residents received a beautiful bunch of flowers and mayor Wendy Verkleij wished the residents a lot of strength and hoped that the residents will soon feel safe in their own homes.

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