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Granada surprise in Anoeta to knock on the doors of Europe

La Real, which does not raise its head, loses to Granada by a goal in the 88th minute after matching the initial 0-2

It should not be ruled out that, on any of these days, a delegation from Real Sociedad will appear at the headquarters of the League to implore, white flag in hand, the anticipated end of the competition. He does not do it out of pure pride and because, despite everything, he continues in European positions, but he does not lack desire. She does not raise her head and everything has turned upside down since soccer returned, immersed in an endless drama in which she has gone from dreaming of third place to being only one point away from staying outside Europe . [2-3: Narration and statistics]

This time, his executioner was a Granada that gets fully involved in the fight for that place that Real now occupies and from which only one point separates him. Those of Diego Martínez fed on the defensive errors of his rival, his tendency to self-destruction today and even an arbitration controversy that will surely bring a tail in the coming days. The sequence was as follows: 0-2 before the break, 2-2 in the 83rd minute and the final 2-3 in the 88th. And the Real, no longer able to react, with a string of injured players that already exceeds the

And that, at first, something seemed to have changed for the better at Real. Perhaps it was the inclusion of Ander Barrenetxea , 18 years of pure talent from the far left. The people of Donostia, so predictable lately, found holes to overflow on both sides, both from the youth squad and from Portu, the one that reached the best and best in positions of danger. It seemed, without great fanfare, the prelude to a night of self-reconciliation for those of Imanol Alguacil.

But of course, it is very difficult when you still lack a spark point and also make mistakes in defense. Thus, at 21 minutes, Duarte leaned into the attack to put a comfortable center to the area and Puertas anticipated Le Normand , too soft and confident, to punish the locals with an unappealable header. There the nightmare began to repeat itself. La Real lost confidence in itself and stopped hurting Granada, beyond a Barrenetxea center that was poisoned and ended up hitting the post.

Then came the controversial move of the game. Yangel Herrera threw a pass to Carlos, but both he and Soldado were offside and knew it. They made no move to go for the ball until, suddenly, Llorente touched the ball terribly badly, which went to Soldado to comfortably beat Moyá, again the starter ahead of Remiro. Real protested because he considered that Llorente’s reckless intervention was conditioned by the position advanced by the attackers and therefore was offside. The referee, on the other hand, interpreted no, so he validated the goal, without the VAR contradicting him.

It is not daring to imagine that, between anger at the controversial move and self-love for the future of the meeting, going through the locker room had to seem like William Wallace’s army about to go into battle, ready to kill or die out of pride . And he gave himself up from the beginning, scoring the first goal after two minutes, thanks to Mikel Merino in a corner, taking advantage of a ball that had been left dead.

La Real spent the entire second half relentlessly attacking Granada. Odegaard and Isak were on the bench, but Sheriff did not turn to them, indicating that they were in no condition to play this Friday either. In the end, in the 83rd minute, he managed the tie thanks to Oyarzabal, with a frank shot in the area. And when he seemed to have reached the top of the mountain, Domingo Duarte pushed him down the hill with a header that definitely stained the Reale Arena with drama.

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