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Flexible Human Services (FHS) celebrates its 20th anniversary

When you say Flexible Human Services (FHS), you say home in job placement. Temporary agency work from the top of North Holland to Rotterdam, with even an outlier to Brabant. Next Monday, February 28, it will be the official date of Flexible Human Services’ 20th anniversary. Nathalie Geerlings, part of the Management team at Flexible Human Services and who has been working since 2018, is very proud to explain why it is so special… that Flexible Human Services has been sending out migrant workers for 20 years. All languages ​​in the world

“We have a great team of about 75 people in our back office in which everyone does what they are good at, so you are a fully-fledged team together. That is so motivating!”

Says Geerlings enthusiastically: “Because we make the best possible use of all talents, we have been able to unburden many companies in terms of personnel for years. At the moment we even have more than 2000 temporary workers that we send out daily. Our employees have all kinds of nationalities. Originally we mainly work with Polish temporary workers, but nowadays the group is very diverse. We speak almost all the languages ​​of the world.”

Celebrating together It is a great achievement and we would like to celebrate it appropriately. Normally our company parties are memorable occasions. Very social and cozy and they are often events where the focus is on “together”. We have a very active staff association with the last outing being a successful puzzle tour through the Bulb Region on all kinds of different vehicles, scooters, scooters, bicycles, and solaces.



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