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Pacheta’s paradox: fired from Elche two days after being promoted to First

Elche CF announced this Tuesday that José Rojo Martín ‘Pacheta’ will not continue as coach of the Elche club next season in the First Division.

The Burgos coach, who last Sunday achieved promotion with the team to the highest category after defeating Girona, thus closes a triumphal cycle in Elche, which he arrived in February 2018 in Second B and which he has led to First.

Patchett became the second coach in the history of the Elche club that managed to ascend to two different categories to the team after César Rodríguez, who achieved it at the end of the 1950s. Pacheta leaves Elche after achieving promotion to First Division

The club from Elche did not explain the reasons for the departure of a coach whose “legacy will be remembered and appreciated. “ “An eternal gratitude for the coach who made an entire city, a province and all the followers of other national and international points dream of dreams. The person who returned the smile of thousands and thousands of people. Thank you, Pacheta,” the statement ended.

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