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Family messages on Blik Op Noordwijkerhout.

Today, many people have access to the internet and use this medium every day. The Internet is taking over more and more functions of printed media. The same goes for family messages. BON is responding to this development. It is possible for private individuals to place a birth or death notice, the announcement of a marriage or anniversary, free of charge on Blik Op Noordwijkerhout… This news website attracts thousands of visitors per day and is, therefore, a good medium to make your family announcement known to Noordwijkerhout. or The Zilk. Family messages (Mourning notice > Mr. Arie Wijnands: 21-02-2022. (click here) The message is placed under ‘Family messages’ under the menu item ‘BlikOp’. You can send us your birth announcement and possibly a photo of your newborn. But also an obituary or announcement of a wedding anniversary or whatever. You can submit your photo/card in a minimum size of 1000×800 pixels. The BON website is updated daily, so we will post your message at any time. The message remains have been on the website for some time, but will always be removed if you wish. Posting a family message is free.If you also want to post your message, please contact [email protected].

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