Alberto Fernández

Alberto Fernández gets silver in the national

The event took place this weekend in the Granada town of Las Gabias where around 220 athletes attended

More than 220 athletes competed this weekend in the Spanish Championship by Categories, in the form of the Olympic Pit, in the Granada town of Las Gabias.
It is one of the national events with the most participation, where they compete without difference of age and gender, in which, for two days, the athletes disputed 125 dishes on five courts.
The winners of the Fourth Category were Juan Manuel Piriz (gold), Roberto Pumades (silver), and Daniel Hernández (bronze).
Champions of the Third Category were proclaimed Bruno Dos Santos (gold), Juan Manuel Gutiérrez (silver), and Gerard Carrera (bronze).
As for those in the Second Category, the podium was taken by Diego José Sánchez (gold), Ismael García (silver), and Álvaro Bayo (bronze).
And in Category 1, creating an expectation that had not been seen for a long time, Antonio Bailón took the gold, Alberto Fernández with the silver, and Manuel Murcia with the bronze. As for the Ladies, it is worth noting the good participation of Fátima Gálvez who could not enter the final when she was eliminated in the “shoot off”, which gave access to a place in the final.
The president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Olympic Shooting, Miguel Francés, has been next to the athletes taking the pulse of the competition and has stated that “the level of clay pigeon shooting is excellent, both in Senior, as in Ladies as in Juniors ”.
The titles of Absolute Champion of Spain Ladies, Junior, and Veterans, will be held on October 3 and 4 in Mollet de Vallés, Barcelona.

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