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Emmerdale family torn apart as Caleb Milligan star shares Nicky regret

EXCLUSIVE: Caleb Milligan from Emmerdale eventually turned against his son Nicky after the latter revealed his sexual orientation to Gabby Thomas on the couple’s wedding day.

Caleb Milligan, a character on Emmerdale played by Will Ash, has a lot of adversaries in the community, and he is about to receive justice in upcoming scenes.

Caleb is ultimately forced off a woodland ridge by an unknown individual, leaving the bad guy for dead.

But who actually shoved him? Does he eventually pass away?

Prior to the incident, Caleb gets into a fight with a number of villagers, including Cain Dingle, his own half-brother (Jeff Hordley).

Caleb is determined to stay in the village even though everyone has turned against him.

Caleb recently displayed no remorse for trying to steal money from Kim Tate (Claire King) and being caught by her.

After confessing his homosexuality to his future wife Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), he even punched his own son Nicky (Lewis Cope).

By telling his son that he needed to take the blame for him, Caleb even descended to a new low.

But Cain and Kim rumbled Caleb before he could carry out the rest of his plan.

Caleb’s actor addressed whether his character had any regrets in an exclusive interview with maiil.online and other media.

He said: “I think he massively regrets how he treated Nicky and he just lost focus on everything else because he became so obsessed with Home Farm and sort of reclaiming what he felt was his inheritance and avenging his Dad’s death.

“I believe that after whatever occurs in Home Farm as a result of that, he kind of starts to realize how poorly treated Nicky was and how awful he was,” the author says.

The Caleb Milligan actor continued, “I found out just before we were doing all the kind of Home Farm stuff and him trying to get his hands on Home Farm, so I knew it would be to do with whatever the fallout was from that. ” When asked about his storyline and potential demise, the actor said: “I’m not sure if I’m going to be killed off.

“I was excited about it because it’s always nice to throw that out there and the possibility that his character might be killed off, and I knew there’d be kind of quite a few people it could be.

Yes, it’s good, and I was intrigued by the potential for conflict and the potential for who we might become as a result.



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