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Dutch people stuck abroad: ‘Frightening, there are soldiers around’

Countries around the world are closing their borders for fear of further spread of the corona virus. The Dutch try hurriedly to arrange a last flight back home. And that certainly doesn't always work. "Not knowing when we can go back is scary."

RTL Nieuws spoke with a number of Dutch people on three different continents. Some have now set foot on their own soil again, others have no idea when they will return.

Posthuma family stuck in Máncora, Peru
Herman Posthuma (70) was traveling through South America with his wife. They had been traveling for two months and were to meet their daughter in Peru. That happened just in time. "We are very happy that there are at least three of us here."

The curfew starts at 8 p.m. and everyone must be inside. "There are a lot of soldiers around, that does come across as threatening.


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