Diego Costa

Diego Costa, a dizzying payroll and a solution in the market for Atlético

He charges a net 10 million, he has only one year left on his contract and the club does not see his transfer with bad eyes, to renew the lead

In May, shortly before LaLiga restarted, Diego Costa had a seductive offer from Qatar. At that difficult moment, with football plagued by uncertainties due to the pandemic, Atlético had not yet made any renewal proposal, and the forward was somewhat annoyed with the matter. His contract, signed in 2017, after being recovered from Chelsea (they paid 66 million after selling it for 38) for Simeone’s almost obsessive determination, he has just over nine months left. But the accounts in the rojiblanco club, after the impact of the coronavirus, are not what they were. The 10 million euros The clean-ups that the forward wins, together with the discreet records since his return, make him the most interesting way out to face any operation in this stifling market that closes on October 5.

While his companions suffer beautifully in Los Angeles de San RafaelDuring the first steps of this strange September preseason, Costa remains in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus in a PCR performed on vacation. So Diego will arrive with a physical deficit at the start of a new season (September 27), which is a mystery for him more than for any other. The economic tightness (and its performance) have led the club to offer him the renewal, but with a significant drop in salary. The player, obviously, is not willing to accept it, because the notable reduction starts from the moment he accepts the extension of his contract. It would be a role change for a player who landed three years ago in Barajas as a Messiah and today, after two operations and a harsh sanction, he has become a dispensable piece in Atlético’s plans.

Moreover, those 10 million nets are today a drag on the accounts of the Metropolitan, where the crisis forces to sharpen the ingenuity in the market. That salary responds more to what it was, the key to that 2014 League, than to what it is. In the noble zone of the club, they have been “restless” with his performance almost since he returned. A good offer for him would have been welcome. And that, curiously, it was he, with his goal against Betis with his shoulder, who pushed Atlético to the next Champions League. Or who finished off Arsenal on the way to the Europa League. Or who shook Real Madrid in the European Super Cup. Soft brushstrokes in the middle of a discreet second part in red and white.

Costa has spent a lifetime at Atlético. When his signing was completed in 2007, Joao Félix, whom he has sponsored, began to kick the ball in the courtyard of his school. Of course, he had a three-year hiatus at Chelsea, despite regretting it at the last minute. And between assignments and a serious injury, he has only played six seasons as a rojiblanco. However, he has the merit of having won over Simeone when, in the summer of 2012, he was a clear dismissal.

“If a forward leaves, we will sign another”, they repeat from the offices of the athletic entity, as the only formula to be able to bring new faces, in the midst of a war economy. Costa, about to turn 32 and with 10 million payrolls, meets all the requirements to leave.

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