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‘DenkProducties is now more creative and stable than ever’

Hans Janssen built up a successful company in twenty years, with ups and downs. But with the announcement of the lockdown in March 2020, the business model of his event organization DenkProducties completely collapsed. He survived thanks to his creativity and a full war chest. In this way he can now focus on growth and abroad.

"I still remember it like it was yesterday," says Hans Janssen. “I was on my way to one of our evening seminars with Mark Tigchelaar, an event with 109 participants. Prime Minister Rutte announced that all events with more than a hundred people were banned. and so our business collapsed at that point. We went from 100 to zero. And that was going to take a while."

The big switch
For Hans Janssen, just like for many other entrepreneurs, 2020 was the year of the major switch. As founder and director of DenkProducties, things have been going well for him in recent years. At that time, his company was the market leader in top seminars for entrepreneurs and executives in the Netherlands and worked with top Dutch speakers such as Ben Tiggelaar and Remco Claassen. But Janssen also knows how to get international greats on stage such as Robert Cialdini, TED founder Chris Anderson and even Barack Obama. ThinkProducties seminars stand out because of their provocative, fresh topics and their experience-rich formats. Participants are constantly on the edge of their seats. That's the starting point. "People buy a ticket to experience my twists and turns," says Janssen. Together with Ben Tiggelaar, he devised the seminar 'MBA in one day', which has been drawing full houses for fourteen years. Because of corona, this all went black at once.


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