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The tools of the Public Administration to shield themselves against cyber attacks

Malware, phishing, or Dos attacks. These are the top three cybersecurity concerns of top managers. Between 2017 and 2018, a total of 64,664 cyber-attacks on computers of the Public Administration and of companies in strategic sectors were registered.

A significant number of attacks where the danger of 2,219 of them was considered critical (53) or very high (1,166). The security gaps in organizations stem in many cases from human errors made by ignorance or misinformation.

Wannacry’s attack led the British healthcare system to black, but in 2018 part of the city of Atlanta administration in the United States had to go back to paper and pencil to do their daily work after a cyber attack.

A malicious link in an email can unleash the perfect storm in a company or in public administration. A risk from which the Spanish public system that has relied on The Firewall Mindset to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity is not exempt.

“Raising awareness and sensitizing employees, making them aware of good practices, while internalizing them and incorporating them into their habits in the use of new technologies, is the main objective of The Firewall Mindset,” Entergy said in a statement.

The first public clients have been the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MINCOTUR), the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE), or the manager of air navigation, ENAIRE.

“Public administrations must guarantee safe services, where confidentiality, availability, and integrity prevail, as well as the protection of citizens’ data,” they point out.

The project developed by Entergy is focused on equipping employees with new skills and safe habits in the use of technology and information. In this way, they will be able to react to threats. “In this way, they will be able to react to threats and thus not be involved in incidents such as the theft of fiscal, health, etc. data. of the citizens ”, they detail.

The tool has just over a year in which more than 12,000 users have participated and claim to have improved their acting skills in the face of cyberattacks, with a level of satisfaction of more than 90%.

State-sponsored attacks

Since 2006, according to the CSIS National Security Think Thank You, the most significant cyber incidents that have implicated states since 2006 have increased dramatically. In this sense, countries like the US have been victims of more than 120 major incidents since that year.

Data that is also corroborated by the Spanish National Security department in its text Annual National Security Report and presented in March 2019.

In its lines, the panel of experts points out that publicly owned companies such as utilities and infrastructure companies, defense companies, and providers of the Armed Forces, academic institutions, such as universities and polytechnic schools are targets of cyber attackers sponsored by other states.

NATO trains in cyber defense through a simulation where they face a massive cyberattack coming from a fictitious hostile power. Applied to organizations or public administrations it is an example of gamification to raise awareness among workers.

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