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2,000 OnePlus headphones seized at customs thinking they were fake AirPods

The OnePlus Buds cost almost 100 euros less and, although their design is similar, the boxes and packaging are very different

The resemblance between many of the devices and accessories of Asian brands to those designed by Apple fuels endless discussions on social networks and blogs, but the latest incident at New York’s JFK airport seems to agree with those who consider that perhaps the Asian brands are too ‘inspired’ by apple products.

In late August, US customs agents seized a shipment of 2,000 One Plus Buds wireless earbuds from Hong Kong bound for the state of Nevada.

The agents considered that it was a fake of the famous Apple AirPods. “If the merchandise were authentic, it would be worth $ 398,000,” said Troy Miller, director of operations for the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency in New York.

The design of the OnePlus Buds is effectively reminiscent of the original AirPods, with a long white pole that houses the battery and the antennas necessary for them to work. They are sold in Spain for 89 euros and have characteristics very similar to the basic AirPods, which cost 90 euros more

The carrying case, however, is somewhat different, rounded instead of rectangular and the box in which they are sold does not resemble that of the AirPods either and clearly identifies the product by another name. In the US they have been on sale for months without there having been any problem at customs so far.

Despite this, and the fact that many citizens have explained the situation on Twitter, the CBP office maintains that the headphones violate Apple’s design and therefore should be confiscated. OnePlus will be able to claim the merchandise but, for now, it will remain in the hands of federal agents.

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