Sunday, May 28, 2023
HomemarketsCrypto cowboys, crypto-rope en red flags

Crypto cowboys, crypto-rope en red flags

In RTL Z Crypto we look weekly at everything that has to do with investing in cryptos. Is it something you have to look at as a long-term investor, is it an indispensable technology for the future or is it mainly a gamble? This week's three experts share their ideas and discuss current events.

Like every week, the price of bitcoin is discussed. Where the cryptocurrency made a free fall in November, it is now picking up again. How do the three experts view this development? How can this trend be explained? And is it just the beginning of a way back up?

Furthermore, attention is paid to the 'crypto rupee', the digital currency that India wants to put on the market. According to SP MP Mahir Alkaya, it is inevitable that countries will take this step, if only to participate in the geopolitical battle.


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