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Russia joins forces with Bolivian company to distribute and produce its drug against COVID-19

“Drugs Disrupt Coronavirus Reproduction Mechanisms, Relieve Symptoms, and Halve Treatment Period Compared to Standard Therapy, Russian Agency Says”

The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced on Monday that an exclusive agreement was signed with the Bolivian company Sigma, in order to supply avifavir, the drug against COVID-19, to Latin American countries.

Through a press release, the Russian Fund indicated that the objective is to deliver the medicine to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Under the agreement, at least 150,000 packages of avifavir will be exported and, in addition, Russia transferred the technology for the production of the final dose to its partner in Bolivia. Sigma, which has its main facilities in Cochabamba.

“Through our partnership with Sigma, we will provide hospitals in several Latin American countries with one of the most efficient anti-COVID medications in the world. In addition to drug exports; We will also transfer the technology to produce the finished dosage form, which will reduce the waiting period and logistics costs, as well as the time it takes to introduce avifavir into coronavirus treatment practices, “said Kirill Dmitriev, executive director of the Fund of Direct Investment of Russia.

Sigma director Gary Gonzales noted that the company has more than 43 years of experience in the production of pharmaceuticals and more than 60 years in imports. He said that this alliance for the distribution of Avifavir is an honor for the company.

The signing ceremony took place on July 29, through a video conference.

According to the Investment Fund, avifavir is the first Russian drug approved to treat coronavirus infection.

He claimed that these drugs demonstrated efficacy in three independent clinical trials conducted at Russia’s leading medical centers, involving 700 patients with covid-19.

The drugs interrupt the mechanisms of reproduction of the coronavirus, relieve symptoms, and cut the treatment period in half compared to standard therapy, says the Russian entity.

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