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Coronation Street rocked by murder as Adam Barlow takes revenge

Adam Barlow of Coronation Street is still enraged over his wife Sarah Platt’s affair with Damon Hay, but could he soon take drastic action?

Following the affair revelation, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) of Coronation Street is understandably enraged with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

Tina O’Brien’s character, Sarah Platt, has succeeded in persuading her husband to put the incident behind them.

Adam is still enraged at Damon even though he has almost managed to forgive Sarah.

He might act brutally to exact revenge in upcoming ITV soap opera scenes, but could the result be fatal for Damon?

Adam appears to be willing to go to great lengths to exact justice on the bad boy of the Cobbles.

In yet-to-air scenes, Sarah (Freddie and Isaac Rhodes) takes Adam to Speed Daal for a late Father’s Day dinner with their young son Harry.

They both become nervous, though, when Damon shows up at the restaurant.

Adam pulls Sarah in for a kiss, which makes Sarah happy, but when she sees Damon she realizes it was for his benefit, not hers.

Later, Adam tells Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) that Damon should be cast adrift because he is poisonous.

Will Nick prioritize his family? Later, Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) discovers Adam poring over Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) file in search of information about Damon.

Dee-Dee snatches the file from her coworker in a fit of rage.

As Adam successfully coaxes information about the car theft scam from an unwitting Paul, Damon tells Nick that he has scheduled a meeting with the head of the Weatherfield Market Association to discuss a potential pitch for the bistro.

After finding Niall’s phone number, Adam contacts the perilous man and informs him that Damon Hay intends to do him dirty and let the police know about his involvement in the car insurance scam. Is Damon at risk?

Niall is likely ready to retaliate violently against anyone who puts him in danger.

He might even attempt to permanently get rid of Damon because the false information about him probably has him in a rage.

Could Adam’s lies lead to Damon’s death? How will Sarah react to her husband’s shocking actions if she finds out?



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