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Valencia expels their clubs from their headquarters in Mestalla

The club communicates that it will not renew the transfer agreement and gives it 15 days to move after the Peñas Association requested in its annual assembly the resignation of president Anil Murthy

The disaffection of Valencianism with the managers of the club continues to increase and has fully touched the Agrupación de Peñas after its public criticism of Meriton’s management and, especially, of President Anil Murthy.

Valencia announced yesterday that its leadership will have to leave in 15 days whose local headquarters in the Mestalla stadium for 25 years. The agreement between the club and peñistas by which the use of the 300-meter space on the ground floor of the Grada La Mar, where they held their fortnightly meetings and dinners, was terminated last June and the club’s management does not want to renew. In that place, they assure that they want to locate the headquarters of the Valencia CF Foundation, which is currently in a rented ground floor in front of the stadium’s grandstand.

The solution offered to supporters is for them to relocate to the space given to former soccer players on the ground floor of the club’s headquarters building, in Miscer Mascó.

This measure has been interpreted as “the bill” that Murthy passes to the supporter’s clubs for the position against his management that they carried out in the Extraordinary Assembly last August. The 231 peñas gathered voted by an absolute majority to “position themselves against Meriton’s management”, request the immediate dismissal of Anil Murthy, and urge the property to finish the new stadium.

So the club already issued a warning in the form of a statement. “Valencia CF considers that this statement, as a reflection of the current official position of the Agrupació regarding the management of the club, is the premise of the future relationship that it has chosen to maintain. The club respects this point of view and He interprets it as the express desire of this association, which has always been independent, to review its relationship from now on with Valencia and its management, “the text included.

Given the decision adopted, the Association is studying whether it may have some type of acquired right for the use of the premises, given that although the transfer is free, the supporters clubs have taken over the expenses it generates and has even paid for part of some reforms.

In addition, they have replied by letter to the president that they do not accept the relocation offered by the club and will leave the premises “within the legally established period.”

In the letter, signed by President Fede Sagreras, they describe the decision as “an act of discrimination that aims to undermine and nullify the recognition, enjoyment, and exercise of the rights of the peñista collective .”

“This proposal [of relocation] without consultation, participation and without information, directly and indirectly, violate all the civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights of the Valencian group,” the letter addressed to Murthy includes.

The announcement of the ‘des logo’ coincides in time with the meeting held by the supporters’ clubs with the Salem el Nostre Valencia Platform, one of the main promoters of the latest protests called against the management of Peter Lim at the head of the club.

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