against Málaga

Mateu was not enough against Malaga

Castellón was defeated against Málaga in a match where Cano’s men ended up overturned looking for a goal that did not arrive

Cano’s men could not avoid a 0-1 defeat in Castalia against a Málaga who did not need more than a goal to beat a Castellón that went from less to more with Mateu as the main asset.

Despite a good start from Albinegro, the Andalusians stabilized a few meters ahead of how the match had started, taking ground for Castellón around the quarter-hour of the match.

After positioning themselves, the Andalusians had an opportunity through a distant foul in the seventeenth minute that they did not miss: Malaga sent a cross into the area that Satrústegui cleared and Muguruza picked up, although the Basque side lost it in his attempt to get out quickly against Ramón. The Malaga winger wanted to put a center after recovery with the outside of his right-handed boot, but the shipment was poisoned and took the door, surpassing Whalley and endorsing a strange, although beautiful goal.

Castellón did not lose face to the game despite this, although it did blur its assets in the creative plays against a more vertical Málaga, which forced Cano’s men to be precise in their game plan and to tilt the bands to progress.

The Albinegros only enjoyed one occasion in the entire first half. It was in charge of Ortuño after Mateu’s center: the striker smashed the leather on the crossbar, although the play was invalidated by offside. However, Castellón’s rear did not show any cracks and in the first half it did not suffer any more attacks from the Malacitanos.

Upon returning from the break, Castellón continued trying to attack compactly, although without achieving that last filtering pass that awarded danger despite Mateu’s attempts from the left. In fact, at the extreme boots, Gálvez signed what until the 63rd minute was Castellón’s clearest chance, although the central defender’s header went high.

Cano wanted to intensify the possibilities by giving entry to Fidalgo and César in 77. Before Víctor, Ledes and Jordi Sánchez joined, although the forward barely stood out until minute 84, where he finished off a center from Mateu, which was the best of the local.

Despite the few local occasions, those of Málaga did not occur either, and, little by little, Castellón became the owner of the half of the field with a static game, monopolizing possession in phases and agglutinating the Andalusians in their area. In 93, a shot finished in a goal by Fidalgo was annulled and, in 94, Jordi Sánchez, almost to an empty goal, threw it up, which meant that Castellón reaped its first defeat in the Smartbank League despite developing his less to more.

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