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Spain registers 8,581 new cases of coronavirus and 42 deaths

The updated official figures specifically reveal 8,581 cases confirmed since yesterday, 466 more than on Tuesday, and 42 new deaths

The new report from the Ministry of Health once again registers a significant increase in infections, once again exceeding 8,000. The updated official figures specifically reveal 8,581 confirmed cases since yesterday, 466 more than on Tuesday, when 8,115 were notified.

Of the 8,581, 3,663 have had a PCR test in the last 24 hours. Most of them continue to be concentrated in Madrid, which registers more than 1,000 cases (1,362), the Basque Country (524), and Andalusia (372). In this way, the total number of people infected by Covid-19 in our country since the beginning of the pandemic is already 479,554.

Health has also reported 42 new deaths in the last day, which add up to a total of 29,194 people who have lost their lives in our country due to Covid-19. It should be remembered that this figure does not include those who died in residences or those with symptoms of the virus, but who did not undergo the PCR test. With a death date in the last week, 177 deaths have been reported.

Almost a third of the deaths correspond to Madrid, which reports 67; community followed by Andalusia and Castilla y León, which report 23. Valencia and Galicia register 12; Catalonia, nine; the Balearic Islands, seven; the Canaries, six; Castilla La Mancha, five; and La Rioja, four. Likewise, Extremadura and Navarra report three; and Cantabria, Ceuta, and the Basque Country, one. The rest of the regions have not added any deaths in the last week.

The income, meanwhile, has risen again in the last week regarding the data offered the day before. The official count reports 1,831 during the last seven days, 70 more than on Tuesday, and 760 in the last 24 hours (888 in the preceding day). Madrid continues to lead in the number of hospitalizations, with 424 more in the last seven days. In second place is Andalusia, with 311; followed by Castilla y León, with 166; and Valencia, with 164.

On the other hand, 137 patients have entered the ICU in the same period of time and 35 new ones have been registered since yesterday. Thus, the total number of people in this hospital unit due to the coronavirus grows to 12,380. Likewise, Health reports that in the last hours 760 patients have been discharged (795 on Tuesday).

Regarding the healthcare capacity of hospitals to care for COVID patients, the official count reports that, on average, the percentage of beds occupied by a coronavirus in Spain is 6%, in the same trend, therefore, as in the days before. The communities with the most occupation are Madrid (15%), Aragón (12%) and the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country (11%).

At the European level, our country continues to be the second in Europe with the most infections since the beginning of the pandemic (449,554), only behind Russia, which already exceeds one million positives (1,000,048). Likewise, the United Kingdom and France follow, with 3,337,168 and 286,007, respectively. The country with the highest number of deaths continues to be the United Kingdom (41,504), followed by Italy (35,491) and France (30,661).

In addition, Spain continues to lead in cumulative incidence (AI) in the last 14 days among the European countries that have registered the most infections. Our country already exceeds 200 infections per 100,000 inhabitants (211, specifically). It is a figure that is more than double that of the second country with the most AI: France, with 91 infected, a figure that is skyrocketing in recent days.

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