The COVID-19 hits football again: “Caimán” lost the battle

The death of “Caimán” profoundly mourns the world of football, as it was recognized for its charisma and dedication.

The coronavirus carries another character from Bolivian soccer. Elías Escobar, a kinesiologist from San José, died this Tuesday in Oruro after battling against the COVID-19. The famous “Cayman” received two doses of hyperimmune plasma, but the disease killed his life.

A few days ago, through social media, a campaign found hyperimmune plasma donors for their recovery, as well as money to pay for their treatment; However, her health was deteriorated and she died this Tuesday.

The death of “Caimán” profoundly mourns the world of soccer, as he was recognized for his charisma and dedication that he showed on the playing fields in his role as props and also kinesiologist.

Escobar also worked at Independiente Petrolero de Sucre, where he also earned the love of the fans. In 2018, on the anniversary of the Rojiblanco club, he received recognition at the Patria stadium.

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