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British eating disorder organization furious with Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart (31) recently received her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the film ‘Spencer’. The actress said in an interview promoting the film that she “tried everything to make herself throw up during the filming, but it didn’t work”. British organization Beat, the UK’s leading charity for eating disorders, called the comments “reprehensible and harmful,” the Daily Mail reported.

Diana struggled with the eating disorder bulimia nervosa, something that is also shown in the movie Spencer. According to Stewart, it was quite a task to visualize that. “I tried really fucking hard to make it look as believable as possible, but I couldn’t. I felt really shit about that, but my body just protested,” Kristen said, adding that as an actress she’s always given everything. tries to play her part as realistically as possible

Tom Quinn, a spokesperson for the organization Beat, expresses his anger at Kristen’s comments. “It’s really disgusting to make an eating disorder something glamorous and actually talk about it like that. Bringing attention to the problem is obviously good because this is a mental illness, but this has been done very irresponsibly. We are therefore asking the film industry to spend more time researching eating disorders before it is marketed in such a way.In one scene you see Diana in a beautiful ball gown hanging over the toilet to throw up, which is really hurtful to all patients who suffer from an eating dis



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