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Entrepreneurs: Bolivia loses $ 100 million due to road blockade

The board member of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB), Víctor Fernández, calculated this Wednesday that the roadblocks promoted by the Movement to Socialism (MAS) have already caused an economic loss for the sector close to 100 million euros. Dollars.

“This is very big damage, we are losing a lot of money due to a political problem, we are 12 days of blockades and the estimated economic loss is 100 million dollars so far; we as the Confederation have made several calls for dialogue (.. .) “, informed the press.

Fernández lamented the vandalism of the jammers that damage the trucks that are stranded at the blocking points and in many cases assault them to take the cargo that is transported.

The leader of the private sector criticized the actions of the executive of the Bolivian Central Obrera, Juan Carlos Huarachi because with the mobilizations all he is doing is swelling the ranks of the army of unemployed in the country.

“It is making the poor people who live in the country poorer before politics comes economic, there is employment, job stability, I don’t know what happens to these leaders who don’t understand (…)”, he asserted.

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